Public Nudity in the USA

Americans in the USA feel very uncomfortable when confronted with Nudity in public.

Despite the changed views on many aspects, Nudity is still a touchy matter with Americans of all ages. Many other activities that were once considered immoral are now accepted by the public like masturbation, premarital sex, and homosexuality.

We are very sophisticated today on many other topics but not Nudity. Commercial TV avoids nude scenes (prime time), nursing mothers must hide their breasts while feeding in public, and some universities removed from their art history classrooms reproductions of some nude paintings because professors insisted on being uncomfortable and even offended by it.

Public Nudity is illegal in most states in the USA today, but if it was legal would you go naked in public??

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  1. No, I would not. I would not subject anyone around to my middled-aged, fat, slovenly figure. I just don’t see the attraction. Good question though, Vixen.

  2. Personally I don’t care for public nudity. The thought of sitting my naked hairy ass down where some other guy has previously sat his naked hairy ass is a real turnoff.
    Also this is a majority rule country. What right does anyone have to submit others to nudity if they do not want to see it. There are places where nudity is allowed, if you want people to see your body go there.
    If the majority of people want nudity they can get the laws changed.

  3. hell yes…

    not only would i,but i do as often as possible!

    luckly living on a island we have quite a few areas that(if discreet)you can sunbathe and swin naked.
    also we have small beach in makena(south maui)that is a clothing optional beach.

  4. Several times a week I spend an hour or more on a well known beach in the U.S. During my walk I would estimate that I see approximately 1000 people. In the twenty years I have been visiting this beach I have seen progressively more and more skin, mostly from the females.

    It is a family beach so there isn’t any outright nudity, except perhaps late at night. I still haven’t seen anyone with a thong type bikini but string bikini’s have become very popular, particularly among teenage girls.

    They aren’t nude or even topless yet but it’s not far in the future.

  5. Personally, I am uncomfortable being naked.

    However, I honestly believe that if I were in a large group of naked people, and I was dressed. I think it would become uncomfortable to stand out by being the only person dressed.

    I think, if they legalized nudity in this country, I think it would progress very slowly but I think it would progress. I think the children who would be born after it was legalized would probably be very comfortable with the whole idea and would be the first “naked” generation, much like the children now are the first generation raised on home computers and those in their forties and fifties are the first raised with a television in almost every home. I think in two to three generations, maybe fifty years or so, maybe more, nudity would become much more acceptable and people would stop worrying about it.

    We have been raised with certain morals and ideas for good or bad, right or wrong. We would have to overcome those ideals as will as our own vanity and pride before nudity could really become widely accepted. I see no reason NOT to do it. We are one of the most progressive nations in the world but we are also one of the most conservative when it comes to sex and nudity, at least in the western, modernized world. It is ridiculous that we, as American’s, are afraid of seeing ourselves undressed. It’s actually a crying shame.

  6. It amuses me to see ‘bars’ put across portions of the anatomy in TV programs,like those ‘pasties’ on a strippers boobs.
    To me this accentuates the body part more than seeing the part.
    I have walked a nude beach,I have seen females topless on public beaches,I have seen mothers breast feed a baby in shopping centres.
    I have seen full nudity of both male and female on TV after 8pm at night in programs.
    What to me is totaly ridiculous is to see on a TV show of a couple supposedly engaged in a hot passionate ‘coupling’ and both have more clothes on than you would expect to see on a public street on a summers day.
    If you cant show flesh then fade to black as the couple embrace and let your imagination supply the rest but thats not the producers want as they try to tittilate the senses by this sweaty puffing and panting gropping.
    That to me is little more than commercialised pornography.
    Like the Hayes ruling that married couples had to be in single beds and the man had to have one foot on the floor.
    There is a time and a place for nudity but commonsense rules that being naked without care to your surroundings is unwise and thoughtless to your fellows.
    But when nudity does have a place, then either treat it for what it is and get on with your own pursuits in life or go find a corner somewhere and face the wall.
    BTW, I will be 64 by the end of this year 2006, married 36 yrs and 4 kids,2 boys and 2 girls.
    one girl died from an unexpected collapse due to a medical condition in 1990.she was 16 yrs old.

  7. Every human being is born without a single piece of clothing on. It is the “civilized” world that demands we cover that which we were given at the time of conception. You do not see cows covering themselves.

    Ultimately, I think it is a matter of control. Those in power once thought that the people were not ready for the truth about certain government secrets. now, the Freedom of Information Act has begun opening that information. The same could be said of human nudity, except that it has not been freed from the tirany of the “shame police”.

    I may only be 26, but I have seen what people will do to get what they want. Nudity will legal eventually. Those in power know this and, I think, are affraid of what will happen when we no longer can hide our natural beauty. The clothing industry is deffinitly going to do whatever they can to ensure that we are their meal tickets for a VERY LONG time to come.

    Gangs will be no more when they cannot identify who is a member and who is not. Further, the world will be a somewhat better place if we can all see that we are more or less the same on a fundamental level.

  8. America’s view on nudity is more akin to a terminal case of OCD that anything else. It’s unhealthy, unwise and probably a major cause of all the twisted facets of that society.
    I have no proof of that, just thought I’d throw it out there. :)
    While personally I have no interest in going nude, that should be prevented from anyone else. And as a side affect, probably a much better long term benefit to society at large.

  9. I think we’re all forgetting something: clothing serves to protect us from the elements. It seems like all of you live somewhere warm. I live in the northeast. It gets *cold* here in the winter. Even when inside, clothing is a matter of energy efficiency more than anything else. With a sweater on, you can turn the thermostat down to 68, which can save you about $600 over the course of a winter. Clothing is here to stay, if only for the practical reason we donned it in the first place: to protect us from the elements.

  10. There is a proper place for this activity. If a person desires it, there are many private places to go. There is no right on imposing nudity on people who have an aversion to it.

    If a person insists on doing that, then the motivation for doing it becomes the issue, rather than the nudity.

    Parents, on the other hand, have an inherent right in guiding the sexuality of their children, as they see fit. Imposing nudity on them violates that right.

  11. In our culture, clothing has purposes. Protection and identiy to name two. These are the main reasons nudity even if legalized will not be mainstream.
    There are places where clothing isn’t needed for either of the above reasons. Removing the legal issues of being nude in these situations, such as at the beach, leaves the moral issue. Removing the moral issues of nudity will take generations.
    Having written the above: I believe the issue is “public” nudity.

    I personally enjoy the freeedom of nudity in all of its manifestations in private settings. My cabin is situated on a clean clear lake in northern Minnesota with neighbors on either side. My personal solution is to nude sunbathe on our private deck and swim after dusk. This is also more comfortable for the guests we often have. I know our neighbors enjoy the same freedoms.
    If it matters, I’m 56 years old.

  12. >>Parents, on the other hand, have an inherent right in guiding the sexuality of their children, as they see fit. Imposing nudity on them violates that right.

  13. **Parents, on the other hand, have an inherent right in guiding the sexuality of their children, as they see fit. Imposing nudity on them violates that right.**


    The crux of the matter. Why is nudity about sex? And because of this causality, the whole American fear of the body dictates their mores.

    Once the snickers die down, the embarrassments, the inevitable voyeuristic tendencies abate, then you’ll see real progress. Hypersensitivity to the naked body will become atrophied. The sheer fear of seeing a boob will be removed.

    Finally an adult society will emerge. Yeah, right! Not in my lifetime.

  14. “The crux of the matter. Why is nudity about sex?” (Bent 6/23/06)

    Nudity is about sex because the sight of the naked body is erotic. Sexual desire is a function of all of the senses, including sight. It stirs arousal, either because of the aesthetic aspects of the body, or because of the owner of the naked body desiring to be on display. The body is programmed for this.

    The old Eurolib protestation of Americans being ‘immature’ is patronizing and now, a little tiring.

  15. Yes, I would. I spent a week visiting an old school friend at a c/o campground several years ago and both of us were nude the entire time as were most of the other visitors. Everyone there was average, some overweight, some very thin, but everyone just enjoyed the time. I don’t think nudists judge other nudists on their appearance as do textiles.
    I spend as much time at home nude as I can. We have a sheltered patio, sheltered from all but one house on which I can sit as long as no one is outside at that one house and I do enjoy this time nude.

  16. After one visits a nudist/CO site the opinion penned by Autumn Writer can’t be upheld. Nudity has nothing to do with sex unless we wish it to. I find women to be much more intriguing with clothing on than nude. A negligee is much sexier than nudity and far more arousing. Years ago an ankle uncovered by a long skirt was extremely arousing for most men, simply because it was hidden all the time. Now it is the parts of the body that are hidden most of the time that are arousing for men. Nudity is nudity, it is not sex.

  17. In some ways I agree with most of previous comments. I wouldn’t mind nudity for anybody who wanted to be that way. Personally, I’d just wear less clothes.

  18. I have to disagree with you Autumn Writer.

    Nudity and sex are not intertwined. There are thousands of people who go to “clothing optional” beaches every day and never have sex on the beach. There are clothing optional buildings, hotels etc. where hundreds of people go naked all the time and don’t have sex, necessarily. There are resorts where people practice nudity or naturism or whatever as a lifestyle but don’t necessarily have sex.

    Whether you’re a man or a woman, I’m sure at some point in your life you have caught someone of the opposite sex “Checking you out.” You may have felt this was rude or that it violated you in some way or you may have enjoyed it. You may have gotten a little turned on by it. Yet, you, and the person checking you out, resisted. You didn’t necessarily have sex.

    Do you believe that if you were without clothes, that you would be more tempted to have sex with someone who “Checked you out?” or that you found attractive? Would you rape them? Cheat on your spouse? How far do you think it would go? Do you believe that others, maybe someone of the opposite sex, would see your naked body and be unable to resist you? Do you workout at a gym or go to a pool and take a shower with others? Do you ever get turned on by this? Do you think others do?

    If nudity became legalized and even somewhat common the affect nudity has on us now would fade. Right now, nudity, like incest and pedophilia, is social taboo, whether it’s right or wrong is up for debate.

    I am a healthy 37 year old man. I have been married for ten years. I see my wife naked every day. She sleeps naked a majority of the time. I don’t get a hard on each and every time I see her naked though. If that was the case, niether of us would leave the house and I wouldn’t be at this site or writing erotic stories of my own. When I served in the Army, we had gang showers. I took showers with up to seven other guys at the same time. I never ONCE got an erection from this. I have seen incredibly beautiful women and girls at pools and at the beach wearing hardly anything at all, yet did not get an erection. I resisted. Bikini’s are so common now that most people don’t think twice about it. Fifty years ago, people would have balked. It would have been a scandel to show up wearing what some men and women swim in these days. It may have even got you arrested. Like the bikini, once something becomes common, it becomes accepted, normal. Taboo over.

  19. I think what most people over look about public nudity is the hygeine problem. I am not talking about c/o areas where people have a lot of space around them, but on public transportation, crowded streets, and stores where people are sometimes packed in solid. Herpies is spread by contact, intercourse is not necessary. Fecal matter rapidly grows some rather nasty and deadly bacteria. Anyone know where e coli comes from? A spastic colon is a common health problem. As much as I enjoy looking at naked women (I am one of those wierdos who think it is sexy) I would vote againt it unless the health issues could be addressed. Imagine opening a door that had previously been open by someone who put their hand down on the bus seat to push themselves up.

  20. Nudity is only a big deal when it is repressed. The taboo against nudity, I personally believe, is what is responsible for all the pornography on the Internet. People want to see nudity, and now they are finally able to.

  21. ok as to the nudity in public, i don’t mind the rules being as they are now, but if they got changed i wouldn’t care eitherway. its nudity on american tv that i have issues with. it frustrates me to no end that the american government has to censer programs that have nudity and language but has almost no problems with violence. it is my opinion that if anything was cause a young persons veiw to go askew it would be violence. not seeing people have sex on tv. what even pisses me off more is that so what? let there be sex and violence on tv for the love of god, if you don’t like it turn the damn channel to something else lol. let parents actually do their job and police their kids as they see fit. why does the government need to pay people to monitor this and access fines for people who don’t adhear to this bullshit?

    sorry, it just frustrates me to no end. let tv be free to do whatever the hell it wants, and if the people don’t like it or agree with whats on it, let them get off their ass and turn the tv off then.

  22. Yes Yes Yes!

    I basically wear clothes only when its too cold not to (from about April to October here in Australia) and when I go out, becase society demands I do.

    If I had my way, I’d drop the second part! There is nothing that gives you a sense of freedom more than nude hiking or nude swimming. I do whenever possible – and fortunately there are a couple of legal nude beaches within a half hour of home.

  23. most woman [not all] are the most beauthful poeple on this earth mostly went p/g to go with out wearing clothes is not excessable because companys would go out of busniess it’s all about money

  24. I would go nude in public in a heartbeat if it was not against the law. Nudity is wonderful. As soon as my family enter our abode, we become sans clothes. They are a waste of time and much too expensive. Of course it helps that we live in a warm climate.

  25. Yes, whenever possible. The sight of a nudist on a beach, sidewalk or in a cafe is not frightening nor do I stress about a “STD”. Nudity is NOT about sex; I have been to many nude beaches, resorts, and enjoy casual nudity at my home [in the middle of town] whenever the weather permits. Nudity is about power over others and equating nudity with sex. The last arrogant example is the ‘morning after pill’ and the Bush ‘religious-right’base using their political power to block distribution to anyone under 18 because they equate sex with immoral nastiness; mind you this is the sane bunch of narrow minded fanatics that protest at abortion centers and want abortion made illegal, this is also the same bunch that scream about the rising costs of child care, nutrition programs and welfare payments to unwed mothers. Go figure that logic.

    However, back to the question of public nudity. IMHO, I believe that the nudity repression/sex guilt is a contributing factor in our semi-sane society. Nudity is a baring of your body; when nude there is no pretense and it has been my experience, when among adults, there is a corresponding mental release and openness. The societal stratification goes away when you don’t have clothes to make the difference. I am also convinced that societal mores that confuse nudity with sex and and sex is bad and that the sight of a nude person is ‘somehow; bad is a large factor is the demonstrable sexual psychoses of our society.

    Ah enough of that; except for the damage to the skin, casual nudity is good for the soul, good for the body and mind.

  26. Austin Texas may be one of the best places in the world as it is legal for women to go topless in public and nudity is allowed at several swimmming areas. Does this mean that folks do lots of it? No but it does let those who want to, have the freedom to do so. I have been to many clothing optional events and except for the swimming and sunbathing there was not that much full nudity. It is amazing how quick one gets accoustomed to seeing naked flesh and it soon becomes the clothing, costumes and tatoos that catch your eye. In the central Texas sun tender parts soon burn so this may play some part in the reason that most wear at least some clothing. It is strange to leave the area or event and have your eyes opened to how hung up folks can be about a lttle skin.

  27. I would be naked all the time, were it not illegal or too cold. As it is, I am as naked as I can be even during Winter months
    In Australia that doesn’t happen very often. Winter makes it a bit difficult but even during some Winter days it would still be possible, except when the sou-westerlies blow!

  28. Curiously here in Canada it is legal for women to go topless. It was tried in court in London Ont. almost 12 years ago. It was a flash in the pan. Every now and then you will see a young lady topless in the city on a very warm day but like all things, as soon as it is not illegal there is no thrill.

  29. LOL – 40 years ago ya damned straight – now? No WAY. Some things are best left covered up – like spoiled milk, all curdled and smelly.

    However, seriously, I don’t understand adherence to the Puritan Ethic in this day and age when promiscuity and pornography is so prevalent – and available. It appears that we prefer to deny our base instincts, giving ourselves the appearance of morality.

  30. I find it amazing that we can let the prevailing puritanistic views color so much of what we do as a society. As Americans, the only part of the world that is more hung up on covering the body in public is the Middle East, where in places, it is against the law for a woman to even show her face because it would “entice and excite” the male population. Here, we will say that it is against the law to be nude in public, yet we can go to the beach and see people who are covered by nothing more than a string running up their but crack or turn on the TV and watch simulated sex. Nudity is only wrong because we allow ourselves to be told it is. We each have the body we were born with, and we are told the it is immoral to have that body seen in public.

    It is titillating because we try and hide it. Go to parts of the world where nudity is accepted, and that is all it is…nudity, not sex. We will even watch educational shows on TV with our children that show topless women and think nothing of it because it is educational.

    Clothing also serves as a great way to divide us into classes…remove that and we are all equal. If I can’t wear my designer name clothes to prove to the world that “I’m better than you” then there would be one less thing to discrimate against each other on.

    So would I go nude in public? You bet I would. Not because I have the body of Adonis (I don’t) but because I’m not ashamed of my body. See enough nude bodies and it doesn’t become about sex. Just go to any C/O beach and you will find that most men and women are not walking around all day aroused…just enjoying the freedom that goes with not having to cover up something that is natural.

  31. Yes if nudity was legal I would go nude most of the time as long as it was warm. I enjoy the feeling of air all around me when I’m nude outside in the summer and try to be nude as often as possible. Although our winter don’t get as cold as some places being nude when the temp is in the 30’s is too much for me. My Master/wife doesn’t agree with me on this but gave me permission to send my comments.

  32. No! While other people are thinking about how they do things, we are not even taking into consideration the children. I know they were mentioned yes, but I think it is wrong to walk around nude in front of kids of any age.

    I also believe that nudity should remain behind closed doors. We may have been born naked, but if it were not meant for us to wear clothes they would have never been available to buy.

    Also, while there are some people that see nothing wrong with it, there are also people who really do not care for it. So I feel this way. If you want to go naked, then go to a place where people already walk around in the nude, But please o not shove it in someones face when they find it gross or are just not interested in it what so ever.

  33. I think if it was legal n some people did it, the more people would get used to it, the less unconfortable you would feel until presumably soon it would become no big thing. (only a guess tho).
    Would i do it? i dont know maybe if it bacame no big thing and accepted in some places.
    I once went to a nudest place once but wasnt there long enough to become confortable i guess.

  34. I think it should be legal and optional to all people if we should wear clothing or not. God didn’t make the human body just so it could be covered up by clothing and not enjoyed. Public nudity shouldn’t be a restriction. We the people have a choice of what we want to do with the body god has given us.

  35. First, if nudity were legal I would be naked often. That being said I agree there is a time and place, I would go do construction work nude, or walk around in the middle of winter with nothing on. On the other hand you have beach wear, which since 1920 has grown smaller and smaller, especially for women. In the near future I wouldn’t be surprised to see toplessness for women or full nudity at many public beaches. Having been to a nude beach I can say yes you do get used to you and everyone around you being nude very quickly. If it were legal, it would just be a extra choice, toplessness is legal in several states but you don’t see every woman on the street going bare chested.

  36. Personally I run around nude at home all the time. The only time I get dressed is when I go to the store. I would do more nude if these red necks around here were more tolerent

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