What kind of a man most women like ?!

A nice gentleman who caters to their every wish, showers them with flowers, cute gifts, poems and sweet words?

Or a macho man that takes charge of the relationship, and does everything he can to show her that she’s nobody special?

In short a man who becomes a challenge, hard to get and a little mysterious?!

What do you think ??

19 thoughts on “What kind of a man most women like ?!”

  1. Men have the same double standard. They want the perfect domesticated wife and mother and a total sexpot in bed.

    The question is…. Where do you find those? Which do you choose as a priority – and why?

  2. My wife of 31 years and I were chatting about this just yesterday, that she loves being married to me because I am the nice guy type who brings her flowers every week or two and supports her in all her volunteer activities.

    What started the discussion was a poll on one of the swinger sites we belong to, the poll asked what type of guy the lady was attracked to and she said, which I already had check marked, bad boy type. She likes to feel like she has to prove to a bad boy type that she is the best he has ever had in bed, so she really goes all out to please them, and doing anything they want to do to her short of real pain.

    With the nice guys, me included, she expects us to pleasure her with massage and sweet words, to be attuned to her needs and desires.

  3. women do like the bad boy type to sweep them off their feet. But when they get home they want the man that will romance her and treat her like a queen.

  4. Its best if he can be both, sensing what she wants, when she wants and how she wants.
    Same goes for the man.
    But perfect understanding is hard to find.So its easier if you can be frank with your patner, or give hints.

  5. “Loved i two men
    Equally well
    Theugh they were different
    As Heaven and Hell…

    …One was a poet,
    One drove a truck
    One would Make Love;
    The pother would fuck…

    …But the one who was gentle
    Hurt me much more
    Than the one who was rough
    And made love on the floor.”

    — dory previn, “Angels and Devils the Following Day”

    Dory also ended a song entitled “Starlet Starlet on the Screen Who will Follow Norma Jean?” with the line “Well, if that’s your idea of Heaven — Who do ya have to fuck to get into *Hell*?

    Her “Live at Carnegie Hall” set is available on Amazon, last i looked; some of the songs on there about men & Women & sex & love & life in general will make your hair stand on end…

  6. This goes both ways.

    An older friend of mine gave me this advice:

    It is important to have a Woman who is gorgeous, completely and totally uninhibited, daring, bold and sexually adventurous.

    It is important to have a Woman who can cook clean and take care of your home.

    It is important to have a Woman who is great with children and devoted to their care.

    It is important to have a Woman who will listen to you and inspire you to success.

    It is EXTREMELY important that they NEVER meet!

  7. Younger women invariably go for the scumbags, somehow expecting them to never be scumbags to them – which of course is totally illogical.

    Then, when they get older and finally get tired of all the abuse they go find a nice guy to live with… but they will probably still keep fucking the “exciting” scumbags on the side…

  8. I do believe grandpa was right. Most men can’t even say what a good woman is,
    Let alone “What kind of a man most women like?” “Heck” he said, “we men can’t even think straight, for about 50 or 60 years till all the juice gets dained down enought for our brains to think straight.” That’s why, if we’re real lucky, they’ll pick us. He use to say, ” Yes Mar” a lot. They were married for over 50 years. They were Partners. She told me, “Your Grandpa is my Hero. He’s a Gentleman, always.” She told me later, when I went to live with them , cause my folks got the “Big D”. “You watch your grandpa real close and see if he ever lies,” “You’ll do just fine”. God knows, I now understand how much he missed her when she died. It’s been 25 yrs. since he passed over. I don’t know all the reasons but, there were sure a lot of ladies around that man, after Grandma died.
    By the way, I don’t think he ever did his own laundry, and the only meal he ever fixed, to my recall, was for us, when I visited…..

  9. A woman will not respect the man who tries to “buy” her love. She will quickly grow to dislike the macho ruler. And she surely does not need a Napoleon in her life.
    The person she seeks is both a gentleman and a lover. Someone she is proud to introduce to her friends and family. Someone she can explore the hills and valleys of life with.
    In short, she is seeking love.

  10. nice man or bad boy? depends whether the nice man is nice enough to give her money. depends whether the bad boy is bad enough to steal money to give to her.

  11. Women go into a relationship with men believing they can ‘change’ the man to what they want…
    Men go into a relationship with women believing that the women won’t ‘change’…

    They’re both badly mistaken!

  12. I don’t know what kind of man a woman likes but I can tell you what kind of woman a man likes! We want a gadget that we screw to the bed and does houswork.

  13. Women want to marry a nice men.
    And, not matter what you do they will eventually fuck the bad boy on the side.
    But then again if women didn’t have vaginas there wouldn’t be one married man in the world.

  14. Men does not have to be a certain type male neither does females. Just be yourself and if the two of you don’t match, well, it wasn’t meant to be. I truly think that if you do go overboard your true self will come out at some point and it might cause a disaster (may not).

  15. I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones. My wife does everything,cooks,cleans,laundry, yard work and has a job! She is hot in bed and listens to all my fantasies. Like giving (and recieving) oral sex , dressing sexy and having her picture taken for me to look at again and again.
    I tell her everyday how much I apprieciate and love her. I open doors for her and bring her flowers and leave love notes. I do help with the household chores and do the heavy yard work.
    Honesty and mutual respect have kept us together and happy for over 20 years.

  16. If you really want to know what a woman wants in a man, do a websearch for David DeAngelo.He is the best author i’ve seen on the subject of dating.

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