It's Clitorides Season Again

It’s nomination time for the Clitorides Awards for the award year 2021.

Visit the nomination page to nominate your favourite erotic story or erotica author for the award.

The awards have many categories and you can nominate as many stories as you like for each category and as many authors as you like for each of the three author categories.

Show your favourite authors your appreciation by nominating them. Also, find new stories for reading by checking the nominees and previous winners.

The clitorides site is a great guide to a treasure trove of the best erotica on the net.

The nomination period ends on February 28th, 2022.

Storiesonline’s yearly Halloween Writing Contest

Storiesonline announced their yearly Writing Contest for Halloween 2018.

Writing Contest details here

Their monetary prizes are up:
First Place: $500.
Second Place: $250.
Third Place: $100.

Start writing your scariest/sexiest halloween story. Submissions open on the first of October until the day before halloween day.

Story Review: A Reluctant Voyeur by Levi Charon

I just finished reading “A Reluctant Voyeur” by Levi Charon.

It’s a story about a man discovering by accident that he has ESP. He can read people’s minds.

The story’s plot device is simple, after hearing some specific music, his mind is released and he can enter others’ minds for a limited period of time.

As the story evolves, the guy’s powers evolve, but remain limited (which is a good thing for this type of story).

The refreshing difference about this story (for me at least) is that the protagonist tries to work with the government instead of being their target to control or destroy.

I highly recommend the story.

Story Review: Lifeline by Jay Cantrell

A great new story has been posted on SOL.

Lifeline by Jay Cantrell is a police mystery kind of novel.

Very well written and engaging story. With a well developed plot and characters, Jay Cantrell will hook you quickly and never release you until the last word. You’ll care about the characters and you’ll live with them the duration of this well crafted novel.

Highly recommended reading. You won’t regret starting to read this.

Notes: requires registration, but this gem is absolutely free to enjoy.