Story Review: Lifeline by Jay Cantrell

A great new story has been posted on SOL.

Lifeline by Jay Cantrell is a police mystery kind of novel.

Very well written and engaging story. With a well developed plot and characters, Jay Cantrell will hook you quickly and never release you until the last word. You’ll care about the characters and you’ll live with them the duration of this well crafted novel.

Highly recommended reading. You won’t regret starting to read this.

Notes: requires registration, but this gem is absolutely free to enjoy.

Just like that!

The French say ‘Cherchez la femme’ which means ‘Look for the woman’. The more common saying is ‘Behind every great man there is a woman (and behind every loser too)’. In my experience, this is generally true.

I just read a story that illustrates this to a great extent. The story is Just like that! by Daghda Jim at storiesonline.

Roland, or Rollie, comes home to find a most hurtful letter from the wife who just left him with his supposedly best friend. It devastates him.

For ten days he’s feeling like shit and decides to seek some feedback on the stuff that his wife said in her letter. Who else other than Betty for the task?

When he asks Betty to give him her opinion, a whole new world opens in front of him. I won’t leave any spoilers here, so you’ll have to read the story to find out Betty’s effect on Rollie’s life.

Excellent story. Definitely Two thumbs up.

Doing it all Over, by Al Steiner

The first good story that I’ve read on the internet.

Back in 1999, my first encounter in internet erotica was through The site was small at the time and there were few authors.

Lucky for me, the first story that I decided to read at the time was “Doing it all Over” by “Al Steiner“.

I was hooked and reeled in from the first paragraph.

It’s the story of a paramedic that is leading a boring, miserable life. On one of his shifts he’s asked to take an old, dying of cancer, Chinese man to the hospital. With his last few breaths, the old man asks our protagonist what his best wish was, and the answer is one most of us can relate to. He wishes to be 15 years-old again, but knowing what he now knows as an adult. Of course, strangely enough, our hero wakes up the next day in his old bedroom, in the body of his fifteen-year-old self, back in 1982.

From that point, the author takes us on a very interesting trip as our protagonist lives his teen years all over again, dealing with his past tribulations and handling them differently this time around. The author weaves a very compelling tale. Crafted with skill and a story-telling talent that few authors have.

Read the story. I’m sure that you won’t regret spending the few days that it may take you to read it.

While reading the story, I found myself reflecting on my own past life and thinking about what I would do if I had the chance to do it all over again. It’s a very powerful self exploration exercise. What would I change in my own life? All the bad experiences? Some of the good ones? If I changed all the bad experiences would I still be me? The bad experiences helped change me considerably. Would I like the new me if I didn’t live through the worst experiences of my life?

Things to ponder. What do you think? would you like to change a lot about your life?