Just like that!

The French say ‘Cherchez la femme’ which means ‘Look for the woman’. The more common saying is ‘Behind every great man there is a woman (and behind every loser too)’. In my experience, this is generally true.

I just read a story that illustrates this to a great extent. The story is Just like that! by Daghda Jim at storiesonline.

Roland, or Rollie, comes home to find a most hurtful letter from the wife who just left him with his supposedly best friend. It devastates him.

For ten days he’s feeling like shit and decides to seek some feedback on the stuff that his wife said in her letter. Who else other than Betty for the task?

When he asks Betty to give him her opinion, a whole new world opens in front of him. I won’t leave any spoilers here, so you’ll have to read the story to find out Betty’s effect on Rollie’s life.

Excellent story. Definitely Two thumbs up.

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