Looking for an old story

A while back I read a story about a teen and a mature woman. He wanted her but she was reluctant.

Somehow, he gets his clothes dirty and then while she’s putting his clothes in the washing machine, he comes from behind and inserts himself into her somehow and fucks her. She pretends that nothing is happening and doesn’t stop him at all.

I’ve looked everywhere for this story, I can’t remember the title, the author or where I read it.

If you know this story and where to find it, please let me know.

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  1. I suggest that Dawn1958 is the author that has written a story very much like the theme that you are looking for. The story is called Lisa knows better and is available at Storiesonline.

    I hope this is helpful

  2. I think I know the story, but can’t remember name\author. I tried finding it at asstr.org, but as far as I could tell, it is not there. Therefore I would suggest literotica.com

  3. you’ll find this very good story the belly riders in the kristens archives, it’s a long story.
    keep searching it’s worth it.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion. His Girlfriend’s mother is not it. The main point is that the mature woman is reluctant and when he takes her from behind while she’s bent over in front of the washer, she pretends that nothing is happening.

  5. Could it be a story by some dude name Ceasar or Caesar?

    He has like 169 stories on storiesonline.net, so I’m not going to try to search it out, at least not today, but I vaguely recall that one of his stories involves a young man (teen?) and an older woman.

    Many of the stories suggest a eastern European or Russian setting, but it is usually rather subtle.

  6. Hell, I started browsing through the stories, and it is this one that I remember. Is it the one you want?


  7. I tried including a link in my post, but apparently it didn’t make it through. Go to the Storiesonline.net website, and search for Caesar, then browse through his stories. The one I’m thinking of is number 20 or close to it, like 18-22.

  8. What happend to the story I was reading? It was six times a day I can’t get to it now. The link goes to a list not the story .

  9. Is there any truth to the stort called
    Belly Riders Yes I have read it a few times
    and have always wonder if it could happen
    some things seam to be possable others seam
    to be impossable Rio has manny so called stories
    thank you for your time

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