Breasts Augmentation

Breasts augmentation has been all the rage in the last few years, it made me wonder why do many women, even career women and not only strippers or women who use their body parts as an attraction in their jobs, tend to go under the knife to have a size C or D cup; is it because with bigger breasts they can keep their men happier or maybe get the attention of other men??
Since men are visually stimulated, size does matter to most of them, and they are aroused by the size of a woman’s breasts, (same as women get excited by the size of a big penis too).
Assuming that most men are actually attracted by the beautiful and huge cleavage, what do they do when they get closer, and get to touch the big simulated breast, how does it feel ?
From looking only and not from experience, implanted breasts look to me too full and too firm, in contrast with the soft, bouncy and jiggly natural ones. Foreplay is important to achieve fulfillment in women, I keep wondering how fun is it for these women to have them squeezed, fondled, or even sucked?
After foreplay would their shape and position stay the same or some adjustments need to be taken care of, so they’re put back into place?!
If you have any idea out there let me know!!

4 thoughts on “Breasts Augmentation”

  1. I dont know about most men but I like them as god intended, soft and suckable. If any woman has a good personality and a winning smile then my attention is captured.If she want to have them enhanced then she is evidently lacking in self confidence for some reason. Besides I love nipples and if they are evident then you’ll find me looking. Thanx, Thom

  2. Pretty much as above. Same as most facial surgery, very few operations end with breasts that look anything like natural. Some natural female shapes literally take my breath away. Never happened with the crude, man-made kind…

    Sad Joan Rivers comes to mind. As a young comic, she made great hay of Elizabeth Taylor’s “changes.” Then went on to look even more artificial than her famous target.

  3. Miss Taylor is one of the most beautiful women to ever be shown in film.As the years are weighting on her now all you have to do is watch any of her films and see those amazing eyes and her perfect figure…wow

  4. I believe the implanted breasts are not supposed to be touched after the first couple of days of surgery

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