Smart Solution

Mrs O’Flynn was having a shower one day when, just as she bent down for the soap, she slipped and unbalanced, she did the splits and landed heavily on the soapy tiled floor of the shower.

Trying to get back up, she realized that her squelchy nether lips had produced a tight seal and she was stuck to the floor!!

“Paddy! Paddy!” She called to her husband, “Something terrible has happened so it has! I am stuck and I can’t get up!”

Her husband rushed to her aid but even with his help, trying to pull up on her armpits, she was stuck fast.

“To be sure, it’s no good, I am going have to get help. I’ll go and get Seamus from across the street and see if the two of us can shift you woman.”

Soon, Paddy returns with Seamus and they both take an arm and try to unplug Mrs O’Flynn, all to no avail.

“Bejeezus,” says Seamus, “the only thing for it is to break the seal somehow. Paddy we need to smash the tiles underneath her to let the air in.”

“Ok” say Paddy “I’ll go get my hammer, you start playing with her tits.”

“Play with her tits??” asks Seamus

“Aye” says Paddy, “I figure, if we can get her wet enough, we can slide her sideways into the kitchen. The tiles are cheaper in there.”

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