Teatime love bite

woman almost bit off her husband’s willy as he cooked
pancakes for tea – while she gave him oral sex.

In the heat of passion, he lost his grip on the pan and
spilt boiling oil down her naked back.

She clenched her teeth on his willy and in agony he
bashed her on the head with the pan.

Both only admitted how they received their injuries
after “intense questioning” by the hospital docs in
Carioca, Romanian.

The man needed treatment to his willy while the wife
had burns, two black eyes and a broken cheek bone.

4 thoughts on “Teatime love bite”

  1. There is no town named Carioca in Romania(n). Would you terribly mind setting the bogus news in your own damn country? Thank you.

  2. This story is…. it has no words that can describe it. The only question I have is why the hell was she giving the husband oral sex while he was cooking. Only someone dumb would do something like this.

  3. Well, I’ll be darned! That happened to me too, except I was flying a helicopter and almost clipped the side of a mountain! In my haste to make the correction, I knocked my partners body over so quickly that the door flew open and she toppled out! Luckily, she was able to hold on tight to the belt which got caught around her neck until she regained a footing! Oh the things we do for love!

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